The History
of the Chairman

C&C Energy is led by its founder, Mr. Domenico Cerruti, who has always been interested in sustainable development achieved by using renewable sources. Mr. Domenico Cerruti’s passion came true when:

- In 2004 he played a rule in designing, obtaining the relevant single authorization and building one of the first wind farms realized in the province of Salerno, precisely in his hometown, Albanella (SA). Today, the wind farm is owned by Alerion Clean Power;

- In 2002, he has established several successful companies, some in partnership with Veronagest (Aletti Banca group) and others in partnership with Deutsche Bank AG, obtaining many single authorizations. Among them, we could include the single authorization concerning to the wind farm Ururi (CB) , with an overall installed capacity of 26 MW, currently owned by Fri-El Group;

- Sun Energy, incorporated in 2007 and operating in the photovoltaic field, is also linked to Mr. Domenico Cerruti. The company has achieved many goals by designing and realizing several power plants, having an overall installed capacity of 98 MW;

- In 2008 Mr. Domenico Cerruti became CEO of Elios ITA S.r.l. and of Elios ITA2 S.r.l. (photovoltaic farms, in operations carried out in 2008 of 17 MW), owned by Deutsche Bank until 2010, afterwards assigned to a primary investment fund;

- In February 2008 Mr. Cerruti has established C&C Energy S.r.l., focuses its activities on the selection and development of wind farms in Italy and abroad. Over the time, it has acquired unique skills in obtaining the relevant single authorizations.