Thanks to its well-established experience in Italy into the wind energy field, C&C Energy is asserting itself as high-profile reality to foreign markets as well, aiming to expand its own interests beyond national borders. Romania, Albania, Ghana, Senegal and South Africa are the new frontiers of a development process with cross-boarders objectives.
The company, trough two special purpose vehicles (i.e. C&C Eoliana Development Ltd and C&C Energy Rag), has carried out and is still carrying out research activities for sites suitable in order to realize wind power plants in Romania.
Africa is going to become a new border for renewable energy development, due to high demand for energy (hundreds million people still rely on traditional biomasses such as wood, coal, manure) as well as high potential which is not employed yet.
C&C Energy strongly believes in the possibility that Africa may represent the new frontier for renewable energy. The focus is placed on a set of projects closely related to sustainable development and to the enhancement of the resources of the area. For this reason, it is present in Ghana, Senegal and South Africa, with the important aim of integrating the amount of electricity currently produced, unsuited to local populationsí energy needs.